City of Newark, Division of Arts and Cultural Affairs

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               Creative Catalyst Fund Application

In January 2020, Mayor Ras J. Baraka announced the creation of the City of Newark’s first arts grant program, the Creative Catalyst Fund, to ensure the arts continue to thrive in Newark. The Fund will support the local community of artists and cultural organizations, which provides immense social and economic value to the city by revitalizing neighborhoods, inspiring students, and generally improving the quality of life for city residents. In collaboration with the City of Newark’s Division of Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Department of Economic and Housing Development, the Fund will provide grants to individual artists and small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations with an arts or culture-focused mission. 

The Creative Catalyst Fund is made possible in coordination with Newark Arts, who will administer the award. The Fund aligns with Newark Creates, a cultural plan researched and developed by Newark Arts, begun in 2018. The ultimate goal is to support equitable funding, inclusion, sustainability, and growth of arts and culture in the City of Newark, and to harness it for positive social and economic outcomes. 

Since the announcement about the City’s arts initiatives was made, the COVID-19 crisis has already had myriad impacts on Newark’s creative sector, and future impacts are unknown. In light of this, the City of Newark has streamlined the design of the Fund as much as possible to allow for flexibility in how grantees may use awarded funds. The City will work to help sustain the vibrant artist community in Newark and will continue to be responsive as the crisis unfolds.

The deadline to apply is Friday, May 1, 2020, after which date the selection committee will evaluate the submissions. No late submissions will be accepted.

Prospective applicants should choose between the two grant streams, based on eligibility. Applicants may only apply to a single grant stream and will be required to submit a final report at the end of the grant period. 


Eligibility: Newark-based non-profit arts and cultural organizations with annual operating budgets up to $2 million 

Grant Range: $2,500 - $50,000

Grants to support general operating costs of small and mid-sized non-profit arts and cultural organizations. Awarded funds may be used to cover any operating costs, including but not limited to staff salaries and benefits, rent for programmatic or administrative space, program-specific expenses, or costs incurred as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. General Operating Support grants over $5,000 must be matched by funds raised from other sources.


Eligibility: Newark-based individual artists or unincorporated artist collectives working in any artistic discipline 

Grant Range: $1,000 - $10,000

Grants to support the creative practice of artists who have shown exceptional creative ability and commitment to social impact through their work. Awarded funds may be used to cover any expenses related to the artist’s practice, including but not limited to rent for studio/rehearsal space, supplies or equipment, or costs incurred as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. There is no matching requirement.

Before filling out the application, please review the CCF Application Guidelines for detailed information on eligibility requirements, application and review process, and awards and payments.

Once you have reviewed the Guidelines and determined your eligibility, select which grant stream you would like to apply to below.

City of Newark, Division of Arts and Cultural Affairs